HyperX Cloud Orbit S


Plug into the next level of audio immersion with this gaming headset. Bass-heavy Audeze™ planar magnetic drivers deliver crystal-clear audio for lush, natural soundscapes. With 100mm planar magnetic drivers and Waves Nx®, you efficiently pinpoint your opponents’ location in intricate detail so you can avoid being ambushed while sniping from behind a ridge—or catch them off guard if their backs are turned.

The HyperX Cloud Orbit S will transform your gaming experience into an immersive, lifelike three-dimensional sonic escape. You’ll feel like part of the game’s universe or like you’re in your favorite music studio when authors provide expertly crafted soundscapes for popular games and genres through Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology. Never before has virtual reality so closely mirrored its real-world counterpart with precise, breathtaking detail.

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