Audio-Technica PRO500MK2BK


The Audio-Technica PRO500MK2 headphones are designed with the DJ in mind. The stylish black matte finish and acoustic efficiency of affordable Audio-Technica monitor headphones mean ultra comfort, high-quality sound, and take-home durability that will accommodate intense performance schedules.

With 53 mm drivers, you can be sure to get the headspace you need for killer mixes every time – it’s a professional perk you deserve! Paired with silicone earpads and minimal clamping force, these headphones have been designed specifically for those who want clear resolution without sacrificing echo or distortion from outside noise.

Plus, they boast an all-metal construction that offers as much stability as steel and smooth rotation for easy adjustment during gigging performances. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO500MK2BK monitor headphones await your touch.

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