How to Use & How To Connect Gabba Goods Headphones


If you have found this article, you probably own or are looking to buy a pair of Gabba Goods Headphones and wonder how to use them or connect them to your entertainment device.

In this article by the sound experts here at The Redwood Plan, you will learn how to connect and pair these headphones. We will also be showing you how to use them and the different features they offer.

How To Use Gabba Goods Headphones

There are a few steps you need to follow when connecting and using Gabba Goods headphones:

  1. Setting up the device
  2. Connecting with other devices or users
  3. Listening to music
  4. Using the “hands-free” mode – for phone calls and chats

Step 1: Setting Up The Device

When you first purchase the Gabba goods headphones, you will have to charge them either through your computer or a USB power adapter. The charging time takes around 2-3 hours. When the red LED light is on, it means that they are charging up. It will change to white when it is fully charged. You can also use the headphones when they are charging, but make sure to avoid running out of power before you reach your destination.

Step 2: How To Connect Gabba Goods Headphones​

If you want to buy Gabba goods headphones, you probably already own an entertainment device like a cell phone, iPod, or mp3 player. You need your entertainment device to play music using these high-quality headphones.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Turn your device’s Bluetooth on and make sure it is discoverable.
  2. Open the Gabba Goods application on your smartphone, iPod, or mp3 player and tap “Connect.”
  3. Within a few moments, the app should show that you have connected successfully by showing “connected” in the top right corner.
  4. Open your favorite music application and play any song you want to listen to for a long time, or navigate through some of your audiobook collection.
  5. The LED lights on the side of headphones will start flashing blue and red, meaning that it is now paired with your device and ready to use.

Step 3: Listening to music

Now that the Gabba Goods headphones are connected, you’re good to go and ready to listen to your music or audiobooks. To start listening, navigate through your phone’s music library and find a song.

Once you have found a song, tap on it, and it should automatically play on your device without any hassle. A little notification will pop up on your device’s screen to tell you the song is currently playing.

When you want to stop or pause a song, press the same button you used for starting a piece. When it is broken, logic tells us that pressing the same button again will resume play. If not – impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

If you want to stop your music completely, press the previous button until the song stops. The next time you open your music player, it will show no music playing and ready for play when you decide to resume again.

Step 4: Using The “Hands-Free” Mode – For Phone Calls And Chats

You can also use the Gabba Goods headset in a hands-free mode for making phone calls and chatting online. The only difference is that you have to press the button on your headphones twice when answering or ending a call instead of once playing music.

When the red LED light is solid, it means that your device is connected to the Gabba Goods headphones in a hands-free way. That means you can chat or have a phone call without touching your device at all.

When the red LED light is flashing, it means that your device has disconnected from the headphones, and they are ready to be used for playing music again.

The whole process is pretty straightforward when you get used to it, but if any issues or questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us here. I hope this article on how to use gabba goods headphones was helpful!

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